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McKinney Roofing: Article About Common Winter Rooftop Issues

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The harsh, cold months of winter can put a great deal of strain on the home's exterior. From the siding to the driveway, every section of the house should be reinforced. However, few sections of the house take more abuse during the snowy seasons than the home's roof. The rooftop regularly has to fight against snow, sleet, hail and rain in order to keep its residents sheltered and safe. In order to maintain the rooftop and keep repair costs low, it is important for all individuals to keep these different types of problems in mind so that they know when to call McKinney roofing experts.

Cold weather makes the roof more prone to leaks, as it is assaulted by a hard to handle degree of physical damage. When water leaks into the attic through the roof, the moisture can settle and decay wooden support beams. In extreme situations, it can even destroy expensive insulation. The cost of a winter related leak can easily exceed thousands of dollars and is difficult to address, so all individuals should check their rooftops regularly to save on potentially expensive future repairs.

Ice dams are another major winter issue for the roof. An ice dam may appear on sloped roofing systems when heavy snow accumulates in one area and then slides down the slope after enough weight is present.

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The snow then builds up on the edge of the roof in the form of icicles or large ice crystals. Because of this hard build up, the snow that follows cannot fall off properly as it melts, which forces the runoff to settle against the surface of the roof and leak into the attic. When it leaks into the home, it can result in a tremendous amount of destruction as it comes into contact with the home's wooden support beams and its insulation systems. If the roofing system frequently experiences such problems, homeowners should be sure to call the appropriate experts regularly.

Snow may also build up in the gutters of the home and freeze in place, causing ice dams to form again. When this type of dam builds up, snow runoff cannot flow down the drains and away from the home safely. This will lead to water damage on the home's siding and interior. Homeowners should make sure that the ice is not accumulating in their gutters by performing regular inspections and calling the professionals when it is necessary to have the problem taken care of.

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