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Consumers have many options when replacing a roof. Composition shingles are made from a variety of durable substances, including asphalt, rubber, fiberglass, plastic and cement. They are a popular choice among those looking for McKinney roofing services, as they have a variety of benefits for the average homeowner. A smart consumer will consider these benefits when making a purchase.

Compared to other types of roofing systems, composition shingles are usually the most affordable option. Simply put, replacing a roof is something that needs to be done occasionally to protect the structure of the home, but it's undoubtedly a big cost. In choosing composition shingles, the homeowner is able to reduce the overall cost of the job, at least in the short term. While other types of roofing materials may have a longer life, the lower upfront costs of composition shingles are ideal for someone who's thinking about selling the home in the next few years.

As one of the most popular roofing materials, a home that uses composition shingles won't stand out from other nearby homes in a negative way. The range of materials used to create the shingles means more options when it comes to color and style.

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In fact, composition shingles can be designed to mimic the look of many other styles of roofing, such as wood or cedar shake roofs, and choosing a lighter color can improve energy efficiency in the home by keeping the home cooler. Shingles made from recycled materials are available for those who want a greener product.

Homeowners also love the durability of composition shingles. Since they're made from synthetic compounds, they're strong and more resistant to the elements. Many brands also come with a warranty, making homeowners feel more secure in their choice. It's important to note, though, that even though they are durable, composition shingles may not last the full lifetime of the home. A homeowner should always check with the roofing contractor to see how long to expect the shingles to last.

Despite the relative durability of composition shingles, damage from wind, storms or falling branches can occur. When this happens, having this type of roof makes repairs easy. A qualified roofing contractor will be able to easily match the color of the existing roof and install the replacement shingles. There's no need to replace the entire roof.

Choosing the materials for a new roof is an important first step, and a smart consumer balances the upfront costs with the need for a long lasting product. An experienced roofing contractor understands all of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product, so talk to one before making a decision.

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