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McKinney Roofing: Article About Damage Caused By Attic Wasps

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No homeowner likes to discover that wasps have taken up residence in the attic. Not only can they be an annoyance, but they can also be dangerous for residents who have allergies to stings. While roof dwelling wasps usually prefer to build their nests under the home's eaves, they may take advantage of cracks and holes in the roof itself as this provides protection for the colony. While McKinney roofing contractors will not remove the wasps, they can help with any roof damages that may be found once the colony has been taken care of.

Roof dwelling wasps and their nests do not actually cause any damage to the roof itself. In fact, once the colony is gone, the nest can be broken off and spot can be wiped down. The problem is that there are other nesting insects that do cause roof damage. If wasps can get into the attic, this means that other more damaging insects can also get in. For example, honey bees can also build their nest in the attic. While honey bees are generally beneficial as they pollinate the garden, the honey they make can melt in the heat. This can cause a sticky mess that makes repairs very difficult. The honey can also attract other pests and ants.

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The honey bee colonies should be removed, though a bee keeper may be happy to remove the colony and provide them with a new home.

Once any wasps or bees nests are removed, a qualified roofer should come out for a roof inspection. There are likely problems with the roof, such as rotten fascia boards or soffits. After any major and minor repairs have been completed, the roofer can seal the roof to prevent any new infestations. This may mean sealing off the areas where the wasps or bees were seen entering and caulking cracks. If the nests were located under the eaves, a pesticide designed to keep wasps away can also be sprayed on the affected area.

To avoid having to deal with potential insect infestations, it is recommended that a professional roofer be scheduled to inspect the roof regularly. If it is noticed that wasps or bees are going in and out of the roof, a pest control professional and a roofer should both be contacted as soon as possible. This can prevent any of the home's inhabitants from injuries and can reduce the amount of damage other roof dwelling insects may be causing.

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