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McKinney Roofing: Article About Damage Caused By Wind Uplift

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Homeowners who live in areas that often experience high wind may be unaware that wind uplift could cause serious damage to their roof. Wind uplift occurs when air that is being forced upwards lifts a section of shingles off the roof, leaving the roof sheathing and the roof decking beneath exposed to the elements. While the problem can be caused by the use of shingles that were not rated for the amount of wind force that hit them, shingles that were not properly installed or reinforced could also blow off during a heavy windstorm. Should the home sustain wind damage, it is recommended that a McKinney roofing expert provide repairs before more damages occur.

A roof can still be damaged by wind even if all of the shingles remain accounted for. Even if the wind force is not enough to blow shingles away completely, it can cause the seal between the shingles and the roof membrane or flashing to loosen. Because the sealant is no longer protecting the wood framing from moisture or water, the roof could begin to let the water in.

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This type of damage often goes unnoticed by untrained homeowners until serious water damage has already occurred in their home.

There are several ways that a homeowner may be able to determine that their roof might have sustained wind damage. In general, only certain portions of the roof will begin to peel away. These portions have been subjected to more wind pressure due to the shape and style of the roof. This peeling may begin along the edges of the roof or over the flashing. Directly after a windstorm, the homeowner may also find asphalt granules scattered near the home's foundation or in the gutters. If the damage is not fixed at this point, it is likely that the roof may begin to fail and let water and moisture into the living spaces below.

Because improper installation of the roof shingles could be a big contributor to wind damage, it is recommended that a professional contractor make the repairs. In most cases, the missing sections of shingles will need to be replaced. Prior to this, however, the contractor may assess the other shingles to determine if the asphalt sealant failed or if improper nailing contributed to the damage. Depending on the findings, the contractor may re-install the loose shingles or, if the job was completely botched, recommend an entire roof replacement.

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