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The average life expectancy of most roofs is 20 years. However, roofs in hailstorm prone areas often need to be replaced as often as every seven to 10 years. While most hailstorms only last about five minutes, damage from hail causes about a lot of money in property damage each year, according to the National Weather Service. While there is no way to stop hailstorm damage, steps can be taken to minimize the amount of damage. Once damage occurs, it helps to know how to assess the damage from hail, and what to do to receive reimbursement from homeowner's insurance. A local roofing professional, such as a McKinney roofing contractor, can assess a roof for hail damage and make any needed repairs.

To protect a home from hail damage, homeowners should keep any trees near the home trimmed. Most importantly, any branches that have the potential to fall on the house should be removed. The weight and force of hail can easily break tree branches. A homeowner in a hail prone region should have their roof inspected to be sure there are no existing issues with the roof that could make it vulnerable to hail damage. There are impact resistant roofing tiles that will also cut down on damage from hail.

Assuming that the homeowner's insurance covers hail damage, it needs to be documented that the damage was indeed the result of a hailstorm as opposed to damage from normal wear and tear or from a faulty installation after storm damage has occurred.

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The insurance company should be called as soon as possible after a hail event for a hail damage assessment. They will need to determine if the damage is indeed covered under the homeowner's policy and whether the roof is a total loss or if it can be repaired. Homeowners should also call a reputable roofing company for the same inspection.

The extent of damage from hail can vary widely based on the wind direction and speed during the storm, the size and weight of the hailstones, and the age and type of building materials that are affected. Hail damage can be recognized for what it is because it will leave random damage with no clear pattern. Hail hits tend to be black in color on asphalt and composition shingles. The asphalt shingles may appear shiny, and the damage to the shingles will feel soft to the touch as if the material is bruised.

If a homeowner believes they have roof damage from hail, they should contact their insurance representative as well as a professional roofing contractor in their area.

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