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The average roof's life expectancy is about 20 years. However, there is maintenance that a homeowner can do to slow down the age related deterioration of their roof. The goal of maintenance is to fix minor issues that can become a source for water penetration before that water penetration occurs. Catching problems early can save homeowners a lot of money and avoid the premature need for roof replacement. A McKinney roofing contractor can assist if any problems are discovered during routine maintenance and inspection.

In the fall and spring, clean the gutters. When leaves pile up in a gutter, the water can wick upward into the roof and rot roofing materials, including the roof deck itself. It can cost in the thousands of dollars to repair that kind of damage. Cleaning gutters is something a homeowner can do themselves if they are comfortable working on a ladder, but if not, they can hire a professional to clean out their home's gutters twice a year.

In addition to clearing the gutters of leaves and any other debris, homeowners should make sure the roof itself is clear of leaves.

The roofers from Fairclaims Roofing and Construction of McKinney TX can answer your questions about gutters or windows.

Roofs that are peaked generally don't suffer from leaf accumulation, but if a roof is more complex in design or has tall trees in its vicinity, leaves can collect near chimneys and other such areas on the roof. These need to be removed because otherwise, the leaves will retain water and decompose, which can lead to deterioration of the roof beneath the leaves.

Make sure to keep overhanging tree branches trimmed. Tree branches should be at least 10 feet away from the roof. Branches that are too close to roofs will provide easy roof access to pests like squirrels and other rodents, which can gnaw at the roof and damage it. Branches that overhang a roof are also at risk of breaking and falling onto the roof. Trimming tall branches is typically a job for a professional.

After a big storm or other significant weather event, give the roof a quick check to make sure nothing is amiss. A pair of binoculars is helpful in order to view the roof from the ground. Check for loose or missing shingles and for damaged flashing around chimneys. If a homeowner notices anything seems wrong, contact a roofer to inspect the roof as soon as possible. Repairing a small problem right away can lead to saving a lot of money later on, and will prolong the life of the roof overall.

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