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McKinney roofing experts have the know-how and experience to repair homeowners' roofs quickly and efficiently. When homeowners call the company and say they have a roofing problem, the company sends out a professional to inspect the roof. A good inspection of a roof demands that the inspector get on the roof. People should be wary of inspectors who do not climb onto the roof to examine it. Exposure to all kinds of weather takes its toll on a roof. Expansion and contraction eventually causes parts of the roof to deteriorate. An inspector can't truly diagnose such weathering from the ground below.

Once on the roof, the inspector will walk across all of it. The inspector looks to see that the shingles on the roof are intact and fit well. All roofs have some low areas and some areas to allow rain to course down to the gutters of the roof. In areas of heavy rain, even one missing or damaged shingle can let a lot of damaging water in. A shingle with a warped edge can cause surrounding shingles not to fit properly and, therefore, make the roof open to water damage.

The person inspecting the roof also looks for buckling shingles. The inspector looks to see if the roof has been patched as revealed by the presence of roofing cement and obvious areas of repair.

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Patching only lasts a few years.

The inspector also looks to see if the gritty pebbles on shingles are missing, which is an indication that the shingles have lost this needed protection against the damaging rays of the sun. The examiner also looks to see if the soffit and fascia are rotten, the gutters are rusty or the supports need replacing.

Roofers also inspect the flashing, which is commonly made from galvanized sheet metal or aluminum, plastic (PVC-based), stainless steel or copper. The cost of flashing varies, depending on the material used. PVC- or plastic-based is usually the least expensive. Stainless steel and copper flashing is usually the most expensive. Some plastic flashing does not fare well if exposed to direct sunlight.

An inspection of a roof discovers whether the flashing is loose or missing. If it is loose, it can usually be reattached. Sometimes during a storm, it is blown away and has to be replaced. Also, if the flashing is bent or torn, it has to be replaced. Flashing with cracked caulk or rust stains is cause for concern.

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