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What can a new roof do for a home? That is a valid question that the experts at McKinney Roofing hear when a homeowner is considering replacing a roof. Homeowners often wait until the point of desperation to replace a roof, meaning that there are obvious leaks or a natural disaster such as a storm has damaged a roof. However taking a proactive approach when it is time to replace a roof can save money over time, especially if the roof nearing the end of its warranty or life expectancy.

When a roof has been on a home for many years, a homeowner should contact a qualified roofing contractor to perform an inspection. The purpose of an inspection is to check various aspects of the roof for durability. For example, if the roof inspector finds loose or missing shingles and other damage, it is possible to correct these problems without replacing the entire roof. There may be situations where there are no obvious signs of roof problems such as water stains on ceilings, but there may still be leaking that does not seep through to a ceiling.

A new roof may not add value to a home, but it can help the home retain value should an owner decide to sell. When a home is older, a potential buyer might be concerned with the age of the roof. When a roof is old, a home inspection requested by a buyer will sometimes reveal problems.

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An older roof is often a point for negotiation when a homebuyer is trying to purchase a home at a lower price. When a homeowner needs to sell quickly, he or she may be forced to lower the price if the roof is perceived to be a problem that the homebuyer will have to deal with down the road.

Depending on the color and type of shingles, when a roof is near the end of its life, it can begin to look dirty and old. Soot, mold and other substances can ruin a light colored roof and make the entire dwelling look rundown. Replacing an old, unattractive roof can give a house a new look and add to curb appeal. When a house is on the market, a nice looking exterior beckons a potential buyer to take a look at the property.

Today, homeowners can select roofing materials that improve energy efficiency. For example, a cool roof can reduce the temperature of a roof by as much as 50 percent, which can mean lower air conditioning bills. Energy efficient roofs absorb less heat and reflect sunlight away from the surface.

A new roof can add a sophisticated look to a property. Architectural shingles give a home an air of sophistication. Another option that appeals to homeowners is a metal roof. Metal roofing materials include galvanized steel and aluminum. A homeowner who decides to install a new type of roof should check the ordinances in his or her community. If he or she resides in a subdivision or community where there is a homeowner's association or in a historic district, there may be restrictions regarding roofing materials.

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