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The building envelope is a term used to describe the boundary between the climate controlled areas of a structure and those left open to unconditioned air. A tight, well insulated building envelope makes a world of difference when it comes to heating and cooling efficiency. This makes it one of the biggest factors in overall energy efficiency. Some McKinney roofing professionals will recommend taking the envelope all the way to the roofline, while others prefer to end it at the flat ceiling. Homeowners should consider the reasons for each before deciding which is right for their situation.

The main reason homeowners need the envelope moved to the roofline is having HVAC equipment and ducts located in the attic. Temperatures in uninsulated attics can easily reach 130 degrees or higher during the summer. Being surrounded by all of this hot air forces the units to work harder to keep the inside temperature at a pleasant temperature.

Another reason for moving the envelope up is air leaks in the flat ceiling that are numerous and hard to seal adequately. Homes with many canister lights or tongue and groove ceiling boards can make sealing the conditioned air in a difficult and labor intensive task. In this case, it is often less expensive to simply move the envelope up and seal and insulate the underside of the roof itself.

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Spray foam insulation is fairly expensive, but the labor involved in sealing hundreds of air leaks can quickly overrun the cost of the insulation.

A third reason for fully enclosing and insulating the attic is to use it for storage or to have the ability to later finish it out as additional rooms. If the attic in question already has decking installed over the ceiling joists, it can take a lot of time and effort just to remove it. Then all of the insulation beneath must be pulled up to work on sealing air leaks. In newer homes, air leaks are less common, and it may not take a great deal of time to seal the few that do exist.

When dealing with new construction, it is generally preferable to simply avoid the problem by setting the envelope at the roof line from the start. Having an insulated attic can save a lot of money down the road on utility bills. As an added bonus, the extra conditioned space is likely to come in handy and gives the homeowner options for the future.

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