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Gutters are not just an attractive way to finish the edge of a roofing system, but they also perform the essential function of draining rainwater off the roof and into the downspouts. Typically constructed of metal, a gutter system requires regular maintenance and inspections in order to do its important work. Homeowners can work with a reliable McKinney roofing service to ensure that their rain gutters live up to their expected lifespans.

K style gutters have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, although this depends upon the type of metal used to construct them as well as their thickness, the width of the diameter, their finish and whether or not proper maintenance is performed. These gutters typically last longer than those with a rounded finish. This is because round gutters are more likely to bend or get dented from an impact or exposure to hailstones.

When it comes to the materials used to build the gutters, copper enjoys the longest lifespan. While copper gutters cost more upfront, they will typically last for as long as the house does. Copper is resistant to dents and corrosion and adds a high level of aesthetic appeal to the home's exterior.

A gutter's finish also plays an important role in its lifespan. The interior, exterior or both sides of the gutters can be left as is with the metal exposed.

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Another option is to paint the gutters with an exterior paint approved for use on metal. Enameled gutters may last longer as there is a lower risk of oxidation. The breakdown of acidic materials such as pine needles may also be less harmful to painted gutters compared to bare ones.

While gutter maintenance is a must in order to keep them in good working order, improper maintenance techniques may actually damage the gutter system. Leaning a wooden or heavy duty aluminum extension ladder against the gutters may cause dents and displacement of the nails or clips holding the gutters onto the rooftop. Washing the gutters out with a power washer may cause dings or pull the fasteners out of place. The use of bleach or other harsh or abrasive cleansers while maintaining the gutters can also shorten their life expectancies.

To help gutters last for as long as possible, homeowners can clean them out at least twice per year. An annual application of sealant or waterproof silicone outdoor caulking at the gutter seams and over the tops of the nails or clips also helps keep the gutters going for many decades.

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