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Most roofs, no matter what they are built of, will develop stains over the course of a few years. In most cases, staining of the roofing material is not a cause for concern and is not a symptom of damage. However, the roof stains may be unattractive and could look bad if the homeowner is considering listing the house for sale. Fortunately, homeowners can get rid of the stains by using a few simple cleaning methods or by enlisting a McKinney roofing service to do the work for them.

The easiest method to get algae and moss growth off a roof is to spray the roof with a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach. Before starting this project, any flowers, leafy plants or shrubs around the home's foundation should first be lightly spritzed with plain water. This will protect them from the damaging effects of the bleach. The mixture should not be loaded into a power washing system. Instead, a sprayer will get the job done without causing damage to the shingles or tiles on the rooftop.

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Another method that property owners can use to get rid of stains on the roof is to insert copper or zinc strips under the shingles along the peak of the roof. About 1 inch of the metallic strip should be exposed to the weather. Each time it rains, some of the metal molecules will be washed down the roof. Exposure to the copper or zinc kills the moss and algae without causing harm to other plants or the roofing materials. This method can also be used to keep the growths from returning once they have been removed by using the water and bleach washing.

When a roofing system needs to be replaced, the homeowner can choose a few alternative materials that help reduce the appearance of staining. Dark gray or black shingles allow the moss and algae to blend in without looking obvious. If the shingles are worn out and a new roof is needed, the property owner could choose some that are laced with copper granules. With each rain event, a few of the copper molecules would wash down the roof in a similar manner as the addition of copper strips. Copper flashing can also be installed to replace aluminum flashing when the roof is replaced. This helps stave off mold and moss growth in high risk areas such as the valleys of the roof and around the chimney.

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