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To maximize a home's energy efficiency, lower utility bills and reduce the structure's carbon footprint, it is essential to create an air barrier against the outdoors. Air barriers help reduce the amount of warmed or conditioned air that can escape out of the rooftop, walls and foundation of a home. The barriers also minimize the inflow of air from outside. When selecting from all the different air barrier options for insulating a roof, spray foam stands out for many reasons. A McKinney roofing contractor can help homeowners learn whether or not their homes are candidates for this type of high R value insulation.

No matter whether a home is under construction, being remodeled or retrofit for efficiency, any time is a great time to add insulation to achieve the recommended R value as stated by the U.S. Department of Energy. Spray foam insulation has one of the highest ratings available because it expands to fill up the tiniest of gaps and openings. When applied to a rooftop from the attic side, it can put a stop to moisture infiltration and drafty spots.

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Since moisture is no longer able to gain access to this part of the house, there is a lower risk of problems like mold growth, mildew and rotting wood.

While small gaps and cracks can be sealed up with spray foam insulation by the homeowner, large areas should be done by a professional. Specialty equipment ensures that the foam goes on evenly across the surface. Because some of the insulation particles may become airborne, the installers also use personal protective gear like breathing masks to minimize any exposure or inhalation of the material.

Professional grade equipment also helps to hasten the process of putting the insulation into place. The foam will go exactly where it needs to be. Ventilation equipment, electrical wires and cables can be worked around with the installation system so that they are not damaged.

Spray foam can be used on houses that have a flat roof or a low sloped rooftop. The foam may even reduce the risk of problems like uplifting of the shingles during severe weather events like thunderstorms, tornadoes and tropical storms.

In addition to boosting a home's energy efficiency, the foam also works to guard against other infiltrates such as pollen and fumes from the outdoors, such as car exhaust and pollutants from nearby factories. Some property owners may find that their allergy and asthma symptoms are lessened after the insulation is installed.

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