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Moss thrives in damp, shady conditions, and moss growing on shingles is common on properties that have a lot of trees and other tall foliage. It is not uncommon for moss to be a problem only on one side of a home. A light moss presence is problematic because it keeps shingles wet, which creates a breeding ground for organisms, such as fungi, and decay. A heavy moss presence is particularly problematic because a root network can form and compromise the integrity of the shingles.

If a homeowner can see the moss presence on the roof, then it must be removed as soon as possible. There are moss treatments available at local home improvement stores that homeowners can apply themselves. Ideally, however, homeowners should call a McKinney roofing professional. The benefit of hiring a professional is that he or she can first remove the moss growth physically, which is the optimal course of action. Next, he or she can perform a full inspection of the shingles, and, if everything checks out, a chemical treatment can be applied to the roof.

Chemical treatments can be used for regular moss control.

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A popular solution base is oxygen bleach because it as effective as chlorine bleaches, but safer for the environment and capable of being mixed with other chemicals. Often, oxygen bleach alone is enough to kill the moss, but, if the growth is particularly heavy, than a cleaning agent specifically designed to kill moss can be mixed into the solution. It is important that the agent is biodegradable because it will reach the ground.

Treatments that are not biodegradable can be very effective, but it is best to apply them in a more permanent solution. Perhaps the most effective solution is moss resistant shingles, but this option is usually only practical when the home is reroofed. Another option is zinc strips, in addition to the many different types of copper and iron flashing that is available. These strips can be placed strategically at the ridgeline or wherever will provide greatest access to the problem areas.

The best way to ensure that preventive measures are effective is to make the environment less conducive to moss. If an area of roof is prone to moss because of a lack of sunlight, then the homeowner should cut away enough foliage to allow exposure to sunlight. Keeping the roof clean can also help. Homeowners should clean the roof of debris, and wash the roof with a basic cleaning agent at least twice a year.

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