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McKinney Roofing: Article About Roof Over Options For Homeowners

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One of the reasons that asphalt roof shingles are popular is that a second layer of shingles can be installed over the existing layer. As such, when the first layer reaches the end of its lifespan, a McKinney roofing contractor can potentially install another layer without tearing off the existing layer.

Before a new layer of shingles can be added, a roofing contractor must inspect the condition of the roof. For the most part, roofers look to ensure that the roof decking is still sound and has not been damaged by water or wood rot. If portions of the roof sheathing have been damaged, the shingles will need to be stripped off those areas so that the sheathing can be replaced. If some of the shingles from the existing layer are removed, the meeting points between the portion with no shingles and the portion still with shingles will need to be built up. The roofer may also replace any shingle tabs that have curled, install new drip edge and retrofit flashing as needed.

Prior to adding a second layer of asphalt shingles, homeowners must choose what type of shingles they want to use.

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The options that work best may depend on the condition of the first layer of shingles. For example, if the first layer has irregularities, the homeowner may want to go with laminated shingles or heavy-textured shingles. These shingles do not fit closely over the existing layer, meaning that the irregularities will not show through. Homeowners who are unsure about the type of shingles that may work should consult with their roofing contractor.

Once the shingles have been chosen, the roof over can begin. The roofer may nestle the new shingles so that they lay flat against the existing layer. The roofer will also use galvanized nails that are long enough to penetrate the sheathing beneath both the existing layer and the new layer. If the flashing is in good condition, the new shingles can potentially be tucked into the existing flashing. If the old flashing is unusable, it will need to be replaced.

Roof overs can save homeowners some money while still providing protection. However, there are certain instances where roof overs may not be recommended. If the roof deck is in extremely poor condition, it can be dangerous to add a new layer of shingles. Homeowners may wish to talk with their roofers regarding other roofing options if the roof deck is not safe or is too damaged.

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