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From a quick glance, a basic roof appears to have a simple construction of overlapping materials to protect the interior from weathering elements. As any McKinney roofing professional knows, the roof is actually a complex system of several hidden materials amongst all the shingles. When a home is inspected for basic maintenance or after a severe storm, professionals use systematic steps to ensure a thorough inspection across the entire roof surface.

A basic starting point for all professionals is walking across the entire roof. They'll start at a particular point and walk up, down or across the surface to inspect all parts. Contractors look for broken, dislodged or missing shingles. A section that appears sturdy could have one curled shingle that dislodges several surrounding materials, for example. Roofers cannot make an informed estimate without closely inspecting the roof. Homeowners should be wary if roofers simply remain on the ground and produce a quote from that point.

Unless a roof is low-slope or entirely flat, most designs have some valleys and peaks. These high and low areas allow rain to move off the roof and into the nearby gutter system. It's at these peaks and valleys where roofing issues may arise. Contractors must take a close look at any shingles or metal sections that may be damaged in these areas.

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Because water flows heavily through these areas, even one missing shingle can cause significant damage to the home below.

Roofs also have flashing or metal pieces used in transition areas, such as around skylights and chimneys. Although they are securely fastened to the roof, they can still detach in severe weather. Roofers actively inspect and tug at some areas to verify a strong installation. Flashing may need to be reattached, but rarely requires replacement unless it's missing outright after a storm.

With all inspection details noted, reputable professionals often work with insurance agents to determine coverage and any other costs. The homeowner benefits from this relationship because the roofer can communicate more effectively about damages compared to novice residents. The conveyed information can lead to more insurance coverage and a streamlined repair process.

Because some areas don't require licensed contractors, it's critical to research professionals thoroughly before hiring them for inspections. Licensed roofers guide their practices through strict guidelines offered by local authorities and material manufacturers. Once homeowners find a trusted professional, they should keep up the business relationship for years of reliable inspection services.

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