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When homeowners invest in a quality roofing company and installation, they expect their roof to withstand substantial weathering for several decades. Although today's shingle products are extremely durable, rooftops can show damage signs after a particularly strong storm. A McKinney roofing professional must survey the roof afterward to verify if any repairs are required.

Even the highest quality shingles cannot lay flat in severe wind conditions. Contractors must inspect the rooftop for any curled shingles. Because materials are nailed down at their top edges, the lower tabs can be lifted up with extreme winds. When winds are consistent over a few hours, for instance, shingles form a permanent curled shape. If contractors leave these shingles in place, moisture will quickly seep into the curled area and saturate the wood deck below. Depending on the damage extent, only a few shingles might be replaced. However, extensive curling can easily become a major roofing project.

Every region has a slightly different weather pattern where hail is either common or extremely rare. Small hail doesn't damage shingles, but larger pieces quickly create aesthetic issues. Hail actually forms divots or dips in the shingles, making the surface a pockmarked display. In severe cases, these hail scars actually puncture shingles. Contractors must verify if the damage is merely cosmetic or more serious to protect the home from moisture infiltration.

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Water can be extremely powerful in large amounts, putting excessive pressure on rooftop gutters. If homeowners notice sheets of water coming off the roof during a rainstorm, contacting a professional for a gutter inspection is necessary. Gutters can become misaligned or even clogged during heavy rains, causing the lengths to overflow. Fasteners might even pull out of the fascia board, creating a bowing effect. Gutters are easily repaired and aligned after a storm to preserve the roof and foundation below.

Flying debris, such as tree branches and pine cones, may strike the roof during a storm. Although most debris simply bounces off without damaging the surface, certain strikes could crack or break off shingle pieces. Allow a professional to inspect the roof after a strong storm to verify no major damage is present.

Homeowners should always check with their insurance company if any coverage is possible after damages are incurred with weather events. An agent must come out to the property and verify policy specifics, such as the RCV or replacement cost for damage. It's a smart idea to have a roofing professional on site to discuss repair specifics with the agent for the best coverage possible.

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