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During the holiday season, many people enjoy sprucing up their homes with strings of holiday lights. One of the most popular places that property owners put their glowing lights is along the edges of the roof. However, an improper light hanging technique could spell trouble for the roof's effectiveness at keeping water out of the home. Understanding the right ways to hang lights allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the season without the headaches of a roof leak or the need to call a McKinney Roofing service for repairs.

Before hanging any lights, homeowners should check to ensure that the lights are working and are free of damage such as exposed metal or frayed wires. The lights should be tested by a laboratory and approved for outdoor use. Property owners can find this information on the packaging from the lights. The homeowner should also check for overhead wires, tree branches and other potential dangers before beginning the project.

To hang lights on a single story roof, the best way is to access the roof using a stepladder or extension ladder. Rather than stapling or nailing the strands of lights to the roof, roof clips should be used. Roofing clips are made of plastic and are flexible enough to accommodate the width of the strand of lights and the surface of the rain gutter or roof edge.

The roofers from Fairclaims Roofing and Construction of McKinney TX can answer your questions about gutters or windows.

Homeowners should remove the lights and clips after the holiday season has ended because exposure to the weather will cause the plastic to become brittle and snap apart.

For attaching holiday lights to the second story of a home, an extension ladder should be used. All proper safety precautions should be used when climbing a tall ladder, including having a spotter on the ground, wearing a safety harness, checking the ladder for breakage and ensuring that the ladder is anchored into place. If a homeowner prefers not to climb up high on the roof, there are professional handymen and decorating services that have safety equipment to hang the lights and other decorations.

When hanging the lights, the homeowner should avoid walking on the shingles if possible. This is especially important if there is snow or ice on the roof or if the shingles are damp from recent rainfall. If traversing the shingles cannot be avoided, the property owner should try to step in the center of each shingle rather than along the edges. Soft rubber soled shoes should be worn so that the homeowner has sufficient traction to walk on the shingles.

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