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Homeowners may believe that McKinney roofing professionals are only needed when maintenance, repairs and replacement projects are necessary. However, roofers are consistently called upon to complete a preliminary examination of a property when it has a sale pending. Contractors must perform certain tasks to complete an inspection, giving both the buyer and seller an accurate view of roof health.

Not every roofer can inspect potential home sales. The contractor must be licensed and bonded by the state. This certification tells real estate agents, buyers and sellers that the professional is up to date with all current regulations and standards. If there is an accident at the property, the roofer and residents are covered by the insurance included in the bonded certification. Real estate transactions are much more complicated if pending legal actions are involved with a questionable contractor using no license or bonding.

Homeowners often call roofers to set up an inspection appointment. Ideally, the real estate agent, buyer and seller should be at the property to watch the inspection from the ground. If there are any questions after the inspection, all parties can hear the answers.

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This group meeting reduces the need for extra communication that may result in distorted information and misunderstandings.

All roofers write up their findings regarding the rooftop. They'll note any damage or potential for damage. Some shingles may be loose, making the surface vulnerable to moisture problems in the future. Each party normally receives an inspection copy, giving them a chance to read over the information. Ideally, the roof should have a clean bill of health to complete the real estate transaction.

Depending on the rooftop's health, buyers, sellers and agents may ask for another roofer's opinion. When two or three different contractors verify the same findings, homebuyers can take that information and weigh its importance. They may ask for the seller to fix the problems or even split the repair bill between parties. Roof inspections encourage negotiation to fix a roof while benefiting both parties with a sale. If no common ground can be found, the sale may fall through.

Homeowners shouldn't confuse roof examinations for home inspections. Only roofers can truly offer an accurate opinion on shingle lifespans and possible future problems. Average home inspectors usually remain indoors where most major appliances reside. Because the roof is such an expensive household component, it's critical to have a qualified roofer examining it before signing any paperwork.

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