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Homeowners may be concerned about roofing project material choices and cost, but there are other details to consider before contractors arrive at the property. Although professionals try to make the installation as streamlined and neat as possible, the yard will be relatively full of materials and discarded waste ready for hauling. Homeowners should prepare the exterior for McKinney roofing professionals by following a few simple steps.

Residents should step outside and look at the yard with a detailed eye. If any items can be removed from under or around the roof eaves, perform this task immediately. Small fountains, sculptures and potted plants can be damaged by falling roofing debris. Removing these items also prevents roofers from hurting themselves if they trip or fall on an item. Cover other areas that might be hazardous, such as a prickly bush. A large tarp covering a bush won't hurt it for a few days.

The yard may be clear, but the home itself could have a few items hindering roofer productivity. Satellite dishes should be ignored because roofers will remove and reattach those items as necessary. Removable items, such as hanging sunshades, must be removed during the project. These items could be damaged due to contractors accessing the roof or shingles falling from above.

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Being considerate of roofer work allows the project to move along quickly.

Attached garages are part of the roofing project, so remove any vehicles needed during this time period. Even the best roofers have debris on the ground throughout a workday. Vehicles moving in and out of a garage could be damaged by nails and other fallen items. Park cars at a neighbor's home or on the street to make access easier for all parties on the property.

Residents can be at home during the roofing process, but the noise levels are substantial. For the best project results, plan on being out during the roofing workday. Contractors may need to access the roof's underside by visiting the attic. The household will be disrupted throughout the day, so giving contractors all the space they need only improves their work production.

As roofers arrive on site for the first day of work, homeowners should ask for a copy of their general liability insurance. If any issues arise, residents will have this policy information ready to protect their property and loved ones. Being well prepared for any roofing project makes the entire task enjoyable for both workers and residents.

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