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Roofing product manufacturers have been using technology to create products that are not only beneficial to the comfort of the home but also work to help the environment. From sealants that lessen the effects of thermal shock to reflective coatings that reduce the amount of heat coming into the attic space, these innovative solutions can benefit just about any home. Homeowners interested in boosting the energy efficiency of their residences and lowering their carbon footprints can contact a McKinney roofing service to get started on a roofing project.

Reflective coatings for rooftops are an Energy Star rated product that can be put onto the top of any exterior roof material. The reflective coatings can be painted, sprayed or poured onto asphalt shingles, clay or slate tiles and metal sheeting. These coverings work by reflecting the energy from the sun back into the air. When the roof absorbs less of the energy, it experiences less thermal aging. The interior of the home becomes less hot due to the presence of the reflective coatings. This can help the homeowner save money on summertime cooling costs. The wintertime impacts on reflective coatings are minimal and have not been shown to increase the expenses related to heating the house.

An additional benefit of reflective roofs is that the urban heat island effect is reduced.

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Cities tend to be hotter than suburban and rural areas due to the prevalence of asphalt products like rooftops, parking lots and roads that absorb heat from the sun. Reflection of this energy back into the air helps lower ambient temperatures as well as indoor temperatures. As a result, home and building owners do not have to spend as much money on air conditioning.

Another option for environmentally friendly roof coatings is a fibered coating that helps to guard against thermal shock. The fibers provide an additional layer of protection against heat as well as moisture. This coating works best on asphalt shingles but is also compatible with wood shakes, metal sheeting, clay and slate tiles. These products also work well on homes located in places that have extreme temperature changes between nighttime and daytime. Since less of the asphalt is exposed to the weather, there is less interaction with the heat and ultraviolet light from the sun.

Either of these coating types can extend the lifespan of a residential roof. A roofing system that lasts longer not only saves the owners money on replacement and repair costs, but it also reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to the landfill.

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