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A leaky roof can cause major damage to the home, allowing water to seep in and rot the wood from the inside. Hiring a McKinney roofing company to fix the damage will save a homeowner money in the long run. Unfortunately, by the time a homeowner notices the damage, the problem could be quite large. It's always smart to periodically check for signs of a leaky roof and get help immediately.

Water spots can appear on the ceiling when there's a leaky roof. These may be damp to the touch, but can also linger after the water dries up. Look for a squiggly brownish line expanding out from the area of the ceiling that has contact with the leak. Keep in mind that finding a spot doesn't necessarily mean that there's a roof leak directly above that spot. In some cases, water is coming in and then traveling down a rafter or other piece of wood before it gets to the ceiling.

Mold growth affects many homeowners in a negative way. Left untreated, it can cause family members to get sick and become a pervasive problem that's difficult to get rid of. Mold grows in damp areas, so it's normal to find it in the bathroom, but if it's found in other areas, it could be a sign of water leaking in from the roof.

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Check the roof from the ground below. All of the shingles on the roof should be present and they should be flat. If there are curled shingles, shingles that look dried or cracked, or if some shingles are just plain missing, it's much easier for water to enter the home from the roof. It may be time to check for further damage and to have a roofing contractor repair and replace these shingles, if not the entire roof.

When wood gets wet, it no longer holds its shape. Instead, it will start to bend or sag. When a roof leaks, the joists and sheathing underneath the shingles can start to warp. When a roof is visibly sagging from this warped wood, it's a sign that there's major damage and the homeowner should hire an expert to come in and fix things before the roof caves in.

Leaky roofs are common, and the homeowner should consider its repair a top priority. Fortunately, it's easy to hire a roofing company with the experience necessary to fix all the damage that can occur when a roof leaks.

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