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McKinney Roofing: Article About Simple Fixes For Historic Metal Roofs

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When a historic home has an aged metal roof, then it's likely quite old. Metal roofs can last for quite a long time if they're carefully maintained, and McKinney roofing experts encourage homeowners to stay on top of their metal roof maintenance.

A metal roof, even an old one, has many advantages that aren't found in roofs with the more mainstream roofing options. Metal is fire retardant and does more to protect a home against fire than asphalt shingles do. Metal is also great for homes in areas that get significant amounts of snowfall because they easily rid the roof of the weight of snow and ice. Finally, metal is extremely hardy and durable, and when it's well maintained, it isn't uncommon for the roof to last more than 50 years.

Leaks are the most common complaint with older metal roofs. Because metal roofs are large sheets of metal joined together by soldering, leaks occur at transition points in the roof, such as valleys, roof to wall joints and at locations where the roof changes in slope. For homeowners that have purchased an older home with a poorly maintained metal roof, it's usually salvageable. Even if the metal has significant corrosion, advancements in elastomeric sealing systems, also known as acrylic systems, have made this formidable problem more manageable. The sealing system is merely painted onto the metal after any rust is gently brushed off, and the layers create a seamless membrane.

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The best part of these sealants is they come in different colors that match the colors of the old oil paints that would have been found on the home when it was built.

Metal roofs that have been carefully maintained still need to be regularly protected against corrosion. The original roofs were most likely protected with linseed oil tinted with iron oxide. Nowadays, homeowners have a few choices. Acrylic primers are a viable option, but they don't last very long. An acrylic sealant is a durable product and lasts upwards of 10 to 20 years if the metal is properly prepared before application. Preparation is easy. Homeowners should use a wire brush to gently scrub away any surface rust. Next, the roof should be thoroughly washed to remove any debris, dirt and residual rust. This can be done with a hose and water, and experts agree a pressure washer isn't the best tool because it can blow old metal shingles off. The metal should be completely dry before the sealant is applied.

An annual checkup of a metal roof will alert homeowners to any areas that are in need of immediate maintenance. A cared for roof is a solid one, preventing thousands of dollars in damage to unique and stately historic homes.

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