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As homeowners seek ways to lower their utility expenses while maintaining a reasonable level of comfort, solar power has grown in popularity. Despite the fact that only around one percent of residential structures make use of this renewable resource, it is increasing in popularity at a faster pace compared to residential wind powered systems. Any property owner interested in using solar shingles or panels on their rooftops can consult with an experienced McKinney roofing service to determine whether this equipment can work on their houses too.

Solar panels are the most popular type of sunlight harvesting systems used to generate power. They are bolted to the south and west facing sides of the roof and wired to photovoltaic cells that capture and store energy until a component in the home needs electricity, such as a light bulb. The current generation of solar panels is unobtrusive and maintains a low profile, easily blending into the house's existing shingles or tiles.

Solar shingles work in a much different manner. Rather than existing as one large piece, they are individual components that must be wired in series. Each of the shingles has four or more holes through which the connecting wires are threaded by the installation team.

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The shingles require a considerable amount of time, knowledge and expertise to install. According to the laws of physics, if one item in the series is dysfunctional, the entire series will not work.

Due to the creation of a number of openings for the solar shingles' wiring, great care must be taken throughout the installation process. If any of these openings are not carefully sealed with a waterproofing sealant such as silicone caulking, water may be able to penetrate into the wooden decking supporting the shingles. Any moisture or water intrusion may cause an electrical short, resulting in considerable damage to the entire solar power collecting setup.

The advantages of using shingles rather than entire panels is that they look like any other roofing material. Manufacturers have designed these products to look like slate, stone and clay tiles or asphalt shingles so that the home does not stand out among others in the neighborhood. The shingles are also lightweight when compared to the heaviness of a solar panel. While panel installation may require that a roof have additional supports built into it before the panel can be placed, solar shingles do not have this requirement. No matter what type of solar system a property owner selects, the equipment may be eligible for tax credits to cover some of the materials and labor costs.

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