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McKinney Roofing: Article About Sustainable Roofing Practices

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Sustainable roofing practices offer a number of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. In addition to helping conserve natural resources through the use of environmentally responsible practices, sustainable roofing techniques also increase energy efficiency and reduce the costs associated with energy use. Homeowners and commercial property owners therefore have a multitude of reasons to consider utilizing McKinney roofing products and services that are sustainable in nature.

Commercial property owners are increasingly turning to thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO. These single ply roofing membranes are composed of sustainable materials and are quite efficient as a heat reflective roofing system that also optimizes energy use. TPO roofing systems are also in high demand due to their ability to resist chemical exposure along with exposure to ozone and ultraviolet light. The use of TPO roofing systems on commercial properties has been credited with extending the lifespan of buildings due to its energy efficient nature and its ability to keep water out through its watertight seal.

Residential property owners can benefit from sustainable roofing practices as well. A cool roof that uses environmentally friendly materials reduces the need for air conditioning while still keeping the inhabitants of the home comfortable. Since energy use is lessened through the presence of a cooler roof, the environmental benefit is enhanced by reducing the need for unsustainable sources of energy to be used in cooling the home.

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When it comes time for roof repair or replacement, the use of sustainable material in the roofing system will mean that it will be able to be recycled when it is eventually removed instead of heading to a landfill.

Solar panels, solar shingles and solar reflective products are also options for improving the roof's sustainability. These components can offer additional protection to the roof by either absorbing or reflecting the ultraviolet rays that can damage traditional shingles or roofing materials. Solar panels and solar shingles in particular are also able to generate energy when they are installed properly and in some cases can result in the utility company paying the homeowner for producing excess energy if the system is connected to the utility grid.

Sustainable roofing practices provide residential homeowners and commercial property owners with a variety of benefits that include a potentially significant reduction in energy expenditure. Environmentally friendly roofing materials reduce the current reliance on unsustainable sources of energy and offer the added benefit of increased energy efficiency and cost reduction, making these types of materials increasingly popular among roofing professionals, commercial property owners and residential homeowners.

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