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McKinney Roofing: Article About Synthetic Slate and Shake Roofs

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Many home owners consider slate or shake tile when they are deciding what type of roofing material to use for a new construction project or the reroofing an existing house. However, many individuals end up going with other options because of the cost and maintenance involved. Luckily, synthetic slate and shake shingles come with many of the same benefits and none of the drawbacks. In addition, any quality McKinney roofing company will be able to install them.

When comparing the cost of having different types of roofing systems put in, synthetic slate and shake is somewhere in the middle. These roofing systems are cheaper than authentic slate and clay tile, but they are a bit more expensive than asphalt and similar materials. However, they come with some serious benefits that none of these other systems can provide. Synthetic slate and shake roofing generally has a 50-year warranty, and they can often last for up to 100 years. With this, people will not have to repair their roof frequently, and it will be a very long time until it needs to be replaced.

Genuine slate and shake roofing involves nailing heavy shingles that are prone to cracking and chipping in addition to precision cutting. This in sharp contrast to synthetic slate and shake shingles.

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During the installation process, they can be nailed into place with a pneumatic nail gun using standard roofing nails and cut to size easily with a utility knife. With this, home owners can save on the cost of labor when the roof is installed in addition to not having to pay for tiles that are damaged in the installation process.

Synthetic slate and shake is also a very good choice for people who are concerned about safety in their home. If there is a fire, these shingles will not burn or spread flames as they are not readily flammable. In fact, the majority of synthetic slate and shake shingle have the highest fire-resistance rating available. Many have Class 4 impact resistance, and this can help individuals save money on their home owner's insurance. They also assist in withstanding storm damage as they have impact modifiers built in.

These roofing systems are also a great choice for people who are concerned about going green. Synthetic slate and shake shingles are generally made from recycled material. Even if they are not, people can recycle them when the roof's usable life has come to an end.

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