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McKinney Roofing: Article About The Process Of Insulating Metal Roofs

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Many homeowners choose metal roofs when they need a tough and low maintenance roofing material. Metal roofs are known for being more durable than any other type of roofing. Any experienced roofer knows that metal roofs repel moisture better than any other material. While these positives make metal roofs an excellent choice, they do have some downsides.

Chief among the downsides is the insulation abilities of metal roofing. Homeowners that live in extreme climates, whether warm or cold, have been advised to avoid metal roofing. However, there are ways that metal roofing can be insulated. This means that one will still get all of the advantages of metal roofing without the main drawback of weather warping or rusting the structure.

The first thing a roofer from a McKinney roofing company will do when preparing to add insulation to a metal roof is inspect the roof from the bottom. This is usually done by going into the attic and checking on the condition of the structural supports and plywood sheathing. If the supports are rotted or damaged in any way, it is unsafe to add the weight of the insulation. In fact, they may need to be replaced.

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If the supports are in good condition, the roofer will begin adding insulation in the gaps between the supports and the plywood sheathing. As there are usually dozens of supports, this process may take some time. After the roofer is done, he or she will check carefully to ensure that the job is complete without error.

Once the roofer is finished adding insulation to the gaps between the supports and the sheathing, he or she will move on to the task of installing insulation on the balance of the roof. Generally, the roofer will have already measured the underside of the roof carefully. After measuring the roof, the roofer will most likely cut properly sized pieces of insulation. This simplifies the process greatly and shortens the time needed to complete the job.

The insulation is usually fastened to the underside of the plywood sheathing with a nail gun. Some roofers will use industrial strength adhesive. It depends on the preference of the roofer. It is important to note, however, that an experienced roofer will never use screws or nails. This is because they may penetrate the sheathing and cause a leak. Leaks are the main problem with roofs of all types, and metal roofs are no exception. An inexperienced homeowner may use nails, which is why this job should be undertaken by a licensed roofer.

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