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McKinney Roofing: Article About Tree Trimming Concerns

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Regular tree trimming is an important aspect of landscape maintenance, as appropriately trimmed tree limbs can improve the overall appearance of the property. While there are many aesthetic reasons to keep trees neatly trimmed, it is also an appropriate task for ensuring the continued protection of the roof. This is due to the fact that overhanging tree limbs and overgrown trees may create a hazardous condition that can result in serious damage to a roof during periods of inclement weather. This is true of any trees on the property that are growing relatively close to the home and is one of the more common and preventable McKinney roofing issues relates to a failure to properly trim the trees surrounding a home.

The most obvious circumstance in which an improperly trimmed tree may result in roof damage occurs when a limb falls onto the roof. This may happen during storms in which high winds are present, or it may simply occur due to the limb being so weak that even a breeze causes it to drop. In instances such as these, the homeowner could have prevented costly damage by simply removing any overhanging limbs and by identifying the weak and dying limbs and safely removing them before they fall. Since heavy branches can cause extensive damage that requires immediate repair, homeowners should take preventive measures very seriously.

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Falling branches are not the only issues that present trouble for roofs, though they may be the most common. Animals and insects are able to use nearby tree limbs to gain access to the roof, where they are likely to look for a way to gain access to the attic. These indiscriminating pests will damage the roof components while trying to get into the attic, breaking shingles and chewing through soffits or fascia until they find a way inside. Keeping the tree limbs trimmed may not keep animals from ever accessing the roof, but it will make it more difficult for them and will make it less likely that these pests can cause extensive damage.

In order to reduce the likelihood of trees causing damage to the roof, homeowners should trim their trees so that they are at least 6 feet from the roof. If possible, the limbs should be cut back as much as 10 feet, but there are tree health considerations to account for as well in this task. Some trees can be harmed if they are cut at an inappropriate time of year, so it is likely best to trim before or after the growing season begins so that the trees are not damaged unnecessarily.

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