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Most roofs have some slope to their design because rain and other moisture must quickly move to the ground for structural protection. Although more common in commercial buildings, flat roofs are also found on some residential structures. A Plano roofing professional cannot lay traditional shingles on a flat surface because moisture quickly penetrates between the layers. Specific membranes must be installed to completely cover and protect the home.

From steep slopes to flat surfaces, all roofs must be inspected before new materials can be added. Flat roofs often have more damage than angled designs because they take on the brunt of all weathering forces, such as heavy rain and hail. The old roofing must be removed to inspect the roof deck below. Deck replacement in specific sections may be necessary to create a sound surface for membrane installation. Contractors will estimate these deck repair costs and add them to the overall installation quote.

With a strong deck surface, a membrane can be installed. One specific flat roofing installation technique is torched membrane additions. Specialized sheets are laid across the roof while professionals use blow torches to warm the material.

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The membrane attaches to the roof because of the heat factor, creating a long-term protective surface. However, torch membranes are volatile installations, requiring a highly skilled company to avoid any heat damage to the structure below.

Roofing companies often turn to self-adhering roof membranes to avoid the heat installation. Professionals lay out a base and cap sheet, covering the entire flat roof. A specialized roller presses the layers together. Because of the membranes' adhering feature, it sticks right to the roof for years of solid service. Experienced installers can make all membrane sections appear like one large, continuous surface.

Shingles and other traditional roofing materials are typically warrantied for around 20 or 30 years. Membranes don't have this long warranty, but can last for 10 or 12 years with proper maintenance. Contractors will go over the material's longevity and proper care techniques. Professionals may need to inspect the surface several times a year to keep the warranty intact.

The majority of contractors are comfortable with shingle installations, but not all professionals are proficient in flat roof membrane installations. Experienced companies often take photos of their work to prove installation quality. Even visiting a previous job site doesn't help potential customers because the flat roof isn't accessible for viewing. Review several photos from different contractors to make a comfortable choice for a new roof installation.

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