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Many homeowners like the idea of a flat roof due to their durability. However, due to the materials that they are made out of, extreme weather can weaken a roof over time. As a result, flat roofs need to be resealed every few years. Not only does this extend the life of the roof, routine sealing also adds a layer of protection against the outdoor environment. While many homeowners attempt to reseal their flat roofs themselves, it can be costly should they do a poor or improper job. A Plano roofing expert can reseal a flat roof quickly and easily.

In general, the expert will clean the roof prior to resealing in order to remove any standing water or mildew that has formed. Once the roof has completely dried, the expert will begin to paint the sealant around the edges of the roof, any flashing and other protrusions. At this point, they will also seal areas where a roller may not fit. After the roof has been outlined with the sealant, the expert will begin to coat the roof by applying the sealant directly to the top roofing material.

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The top coating must then be allowed to completely dry before anyone should be allowed back on top of the roof.

In some cases, the top coat of the roof has become so weathered that large cracks and bald spots may form. These cracks will be repaired prior to the resealing process. During the cleaning, the expert will also remove any loose gravel that may be stuck in the cracks using a stiff brush. Roof mastic will then be evenly applied to the cracks and blisters. A strip of rolling mesh will then be laid over the mastic, followed by another layer of mastic. This process will be repeated until the surface of the roof is level, making it easier to properly reseal the roof.

There are certain benefits to having a flat roof resealed by an expert. The biggest benefit is that they have experience resealing all types of roofs and can do the job quickly. They also should know the proper type of sealant to use for a specific roof and the thickness the sealant needs to be laid down. Homeowners who attempt to reseal the roof themselves may leave areas that are not properly sealed, which could potentially result in leaks. These leaks could ultimately cause serious damage that could cost the homeowner.

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