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Storms happen whether people like it or not, and they can do significant damage to both a home's structure and personal belongings. If a serious storm does occur, it is important to have a storm damage assessment for a number of reasons. Fortunately, storm damage assessment professionals from quality Plano roofing companies can take care of the job thoroughly so that people can have any problems fixed and get back to their normal lives.

The first thing individuals should keep in mind is that they should never attempt to evaluate the damage to their home until after the storm is over. However, they should make sure that gas, water and electrical lines are shut off in order to prevent dangerous situations that could potentially occur. When the storm has passed, they can go outside and see if it has done any damage to their house. They should have a professional perform a storm damage assessment right away if there is any question about whether anything has been affected.

When a professional storm damage assessor has arrived, they will begin by checking for any leaking or standing water inside the home. If there is any present, they will work with the home owner to move important items, furniture and appliances to a place where they will not be damaged.

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The assessor will then walk around the home's interior and look for any signs of damage. These could include broken or cracked skylights, water seeping in the attic or wet insulation. They will also check for water staining around chimneys, in corners and around light fixtures.

After they are done inspecting the home's interior, they will move on to walking around the outside of the house. They will inspect gutters, vents and downspouts for signs of denting that may indicate damage from hail. They will also look at the roof to see if there are any missing, curled or torn shingles. In addition, they will inspect the property to see if there are any shingles that have blown off the roof.

The assessor will then supply home owners with a complete list of things that have been damaged by the storm. This will also indicate an estimate of how much it will cost to get everything fixed. This is very important as the document is often submitted to a homeowner's insurance company in order to get compensation that will allow them to repair any issues.

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